The Cambridge Roundtable on Science and Religion

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Reason, Science, Faith and Optimism, Harvard Professor of Physics Gerald Gabrielse

April 24, 2018

Please be our guest Tuesday April 24th, 6:30 PM, at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge for our next Roundtable on Science and Religion featuring Professor of Physics Gerald Gabrielse as he addresses Reason, Science, Faith and Optimism. As George Vasmer Leverett Professor of Physics at Harvard Gabrielse was recognized with both the Levenson prize for exceptional teaching and Ledlie prize for exceptional research, along with many international research prizes. An active member of the National Academy of Sciences, he has chaired both the Harvard Physics Department and the Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics of the American Physical Society. Gabrielse is now in transition, joining Northwestern University as a Board of Trustees Professor, and as The Founding Director the Center for Fundamental Physics -- a physics center that has also agreed to host interdisciplinary visitors. The Gabrielse research group tested the most precise prediction of the Standard Model of Particle Physics by making the most accurate measurement every made of a property of an elementary particle. They also tested the Standard Model's most fundamental symmetry to an exquisite precision. He and his collaborators made one of the most stringent tests of supersymmetry and other proposed improvements to the Standard Model. He started low energy antiproton and antihydrogen physics and leads the ATRAP collaboration at CERN. Gabrielse is well-known as a no-nonsense experimental physicist who has made some of the most precise and fundamental measurements of modern physics. He is also a person of faith. He has agreed to reflect upon the synthesis of reason, science and faith that fuels his optimism for the future.