The Cambridge Roundtable on Science and Religion

Roundtables Nationally

After 20 years and hundreds of Roundtables, professors and university chaplains are Chairpersons and Coordinators at 20 locations, making invitations to faculty colleagues on campus and those near-by at more than half of the top 77 schools in the US. As many as 100 professors gather at a time over dinner and discussion following short presentations from colleagues and others, addressing their observations on the intersections of science, philosophy and faith. Contact Roundtable Founder and Cambridge Roundtable Co-Chair Dave Thom of The Leadership Connection to be put in touch with Roundtable leadership at these 20 university Roundtable locations.

2002 The Five Colleges 2005 Cambridge & Boston 2014 Yale, Brown Dartmouth 2017 Columbia & NYC 2020 Chicago, Cornell Duke, Northwestern Penn, Princeton 2022 Berkeley, Georgetown Minnesota, Ohio State Stanford, Tulane UCSD, UW-Madison