The Cambridge Roundtable on Science and Religion


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Cambridge & Boston faculty are the majority of our guests at each Roundtable dinner & discussion of science faith & philosophy. Presentations and the exchange of ideas and experiences over superb hospitality at the Harvard Faculty Club and at the Samberg Center at MIT are critical & integral to bringing scholars "to the table" to take quality time to bring added depth to each other's personal and professional lives.

Roundtable evenings are possible thanks to The John Templeton Foundation and other contributors to The Leadership Connection such as Cornerstone Commissioning and the Sword and Spoon Foundation.

Roundtable Chairs:

  • Anne McCantsHistory, MIT
  • Mark RamseyerHarvard Law
  • Danny YamashiroChaplain, MIT
  • Nathan BarcziChaplain, MIT
  • David ThomFounder, Faculty Roundtables

Past Events

—Past Event—

In Our Genes or In Our Genesis? Where do you look for clues to the mysteries of life and the universe?

December 08, 2022
Philosopher and Theologian William Lane Craig and Harvard Biology Professor David Haig
—Past Event—


November 01, 2022
Boston University Professor of Astronomy Michael Mendillo, retired academic and novelist Larry Constantine , Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Professor Sean McDonough
—Past Event—

Science and the Sacred: Wonders in the Sky above and on the Earth below

June 02, 2022
Wilfred Buck, Science Facilitator, Educator, Cree Elder and Ceremonial Leader; Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre. Wilfred Buck has been asked by Western educational and scientific institutions to bring his Indigenous star knowledge into its work on astronomy. As commercial entities become increasingly active in space exploration, issues relating to the colonization of space are becoming part of the conversation, underscoring the need for other voices such as Buck’s.