The Cambridge Roundtable on Science and Religion

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Intellectual Humility

July 22, 2020

2019 Templeton Prize Winner and Appleton Professor of Natural Philosophy and a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth Marcelo Gleiser and Esther and Harold E. Edgerton Career Development Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT Cullen Buie.
Wednesday, July 22, 7pm, As a guest you will be ushered into a six-person on-line roundtable conversation with a mix of guests from around the greater Northeast on the topic of Intellectual Humility that will begin after a lead-off webinar-style conversation addressing science, faith and philosophy. In-person and online, our Roundtables are unmonitored and uncensored. Upon registration, please accept a $50 gift certificate and dine with us on the night of The Roundtable!
Even if you’re on vacation in Montana, you can participate!  Once registered you will receive a confirmation, the dining gift certificate, and periodic reminders.
Harvard University’s Stephen Greenblatt, in his The Swerve, notes that ancients such as Cicero knew the value of dialogue and how intellectual humility matters as much as the content of the controversy: The activity of choice, for cultivated Romans, as for the Greeks before them, was discourse… That the villa's powerful owner and his friends took pleasure in grappling with such questions and were willing to devote significant periods of their very busy lives to teasing out possible answers reflects their conception of an existence appropriate for people of their education, class, and status.”