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By invitation only and at a nominal fee of $20 per person, with no additional charges and free parking at the Broadway Garage on Felton Street, after hors d’oeuvres every Cambridge Roundtable on Science and Religion seats six or seven guests to a table for dinner, drinks, dessert & discussion after brief remarks from presenters. At the close of our evening we include time for questions and comments directed to each other and our presenters.

For Roundtable questions or comments, please reach Coordinator Dave Thom and Administrator Christina English at roundtable@mit.edu. Though the Roundtable is by invitation only, we are more than glad to work with you to welcome colleagues of yours to participate.

The Roundtable is co-chaired by:
Owen Gingerich, Astronomy and History of Science (Emeritus), Harvard University
Robert Randolph, Retired Chaplain to the Institute, MIT
Coordinator David Thom, MIT Chaplain with The Leadership Connection

Taking place at the Harvard Faculty Club, Harvard, MIT, B.U., and Tufts professors are the majority of our sometimes 100+ guests at each Roundtable, experiencing an exchange with the potential to bring added depth to their lives as scholars and as educators. Evenings are sponsored by Christian chairpersons dedicated to fostering dialogue that explores the intersection of current academic thought and every shade of religious and nonreligious thought on issues related to science and faith. Select community leaders are invited to ensure a diversity of religious points of view. Our evenings together have been made possible thanks to funding in partnership with contributors to The Leadership Connection, generous local scholars, Christian Union, The Sword and Spoon Foundation, The Gloria Dei Foundation, The John Templeton Foundation, and with thanks to Memorial Church of Harvard University.